Host A Meeting

The most important part of LPA is getting together on a social level.  As a district we have our Fall & Spring Regionals and of course the National Convention however it’s what happens in between that keeps us going.  The best way to do that is to host an event!   In the past we have done everything from a potluck meeting at someone’s house or events at parks or restaurants.

The number of chapter meetings per year varies with each chapter.  Some chapters meet monthly, others meet every other month.  The meeting is often comprised of a general business meeting and an activity.  Everyone is welcome, whether they are short-stature or average sized or parents, siblings, grandparents, or friends.  Ideally, activities should be planned for all age groups.

Official chapter business should be run under parliamentary procedure.  Meetings should cover national and district happenings, old and new business, and reports from chapter officers and committee heads.

Feel free to fill out the form below and it will be forwarded to your local chapter president to let them know you would like to host an event!  Please say where you would like to host your event.